Lee Hofmann, Sales Manager

Lee Hofmann, Sales Manager

Lee relocated to North Carolina in 1993 from Brooklyn, New York and began working for Urethane Innovators in 2000 in customer service and production.

As sales manager, Lee brings to her position humor and dedication. Often the first point of contact with customers, Lee acts as the liaison between customers and our craftsmen, figuring out how best to approach a new project, and then providing a quote.

Prior to joining the company, Lee spent her years in sales and customer service positions. She credits her customer service skills with the experience she garnered working in a job where she helped customers understand their credit reports. She also worked for a major waste management company where she became their top seller in corporate accounts.

Lee has been happily married for close to 40 years, with three grown children and five grandchildren, two of which are twins. Lee’s work anniversary and wedding anniversary are the same day, so she often wonders if it means she’s married to her job.

In her off time, Lee enjoy painting with acrylics, and for some reason, likes painting birds and trees. The fact that she’s always enjoyed different kinds of crafts and being creative is why she loves her job — it gives her the opportunity to be innovative.

“UI is family to me. Not only do I have a job I love, but I also have a family. Family is what sets us apart.”