Reduce – Reuse: Let UI Recover Your Urethane Rollers and Wheels


Our urethane roller recovering service includes most types and sizes of rollers and wheels, from industrial drive wheels to very large manufacturing rollers used on production lines or within equipment.

By recovering your rollers and wheels, you can save a tremendous amount of money – and keep our landfills free of industrial waste.

Benefits of recovering your rollers and wheels

  • Highest-quality and precision work
  • New urethane covers at a fraction of cost of replacing the entire unit
  • Environmentally friendly; extends the life of perfectly good cores and hubs
  • All work completed at our New Bern facility by master craftsmen
  • Cores, hubs, and journal repairs handled in-house at our machine shop

UI’s process for recovering rollers and wheels:

Confirm durometer and other technical specifications with you.

Strip the urethane cover from the core.

Check the core for cracks or damage.

In case of damage or excessive wear, UI will notify you; we can also replace a damaged core if necessary at our in-house machine shop.

Clean the cores and prepare them for their new urethane covers.

Cast the new urethane covers and cure.

Machine or grind the new covers to spec.


Recover — or resurface — your conveyor and manufacturing rollers.


We test roller journals for runout and if necessary, our in-house machine shop will make repairs or replace the entire journal.

roller groove-patterns

Whether you need a special shape or grooves, we can accommodate you.