Urethane Innovators makes urethane wheels, covered bearings, rollers, dunnage, and custom parts for a wide variety of application types. 

Urethane cast wheels for food application


From food and pharmaceutical to industrial and textiles, UI makes all types of urethane parts to exacting specifications.

  • No Crush Wheels – Product labeling, textile manufacturing 
  • Urethane Wheels – FDA Approvable urethane for food or pharmaceutical applications
  • Urethane Rollers – Transfer, feed, and idler rollers 
  • Robot Wheels – Stacker and guide wheels for high-load production lines
  • Dunnage – Fixtures and jigs for automated manufacturing lines
urethane no crush wheels

Material Handling

From soft urethane wheels that flex to tough, durable wheels for high load applications. 


Automated Guided Vehicles / Robotics

Let UI be your #1 source for made-to-spec AGV, stacker, and guide wheels for automated and robotics applications.

  • Covered Bearings – Urethane covers protect bearings, reduce noise on conveyor lines
  • Robotics Wheels – High-volume production for mobile robots, carts, warehouse dollies
robot-wheel-omni-wheel-mecanum component

Logistics / Transportation

Because it’s resistant to cracking, urethane is used in a variety of logistics, shipping, and transportation applications.

  • Urethane Dunnage – When superior abrasion resistance and high impact resistance is needed
  • Robotics – Components for omni-wheel and mecanum wheel applications
Urethane covers for steel heads

Heavy Duty / Industrial

Custom urethane parts for a variety of industrial applications, including Mining, Agricultural, Transportation, Waste Water, Coatings, and more. 



Specializing in returnable / resuable shipping racks, corner pieces, and bulk shock absorption parts.