Rollers, wheels, dunnage . . . and a whole lot more

At first glance, the parts we create look “standard”: like many companies offering urethane molded parts, we make covered bearings, no-crush wheels, rollers, dunnage, and the like.

But “standard” we definitely are not.

Our master craftsmen personally oversee the production of each part, whether they hand-mix urethane or operate a mixing machine. Due to our expertise and collaborative way of working, we can handle most any request when it comes to making urethane parts to your specifications.



Over the years we’ve perfected the art of creating really soft urethane materials – so soft no one else makes them – which is why flooring laminate companies rely on us for their stain rollers.



Mixing urethane to your specification is easy. What’s harder, but more fun, is figuring out how to create a part with two colors that meet exactly, such as this two-toned roller.



Because we perform machining in-house, we make parts of all shapes and sizes — quickly, precisely and to your exact specification.



Our capabilities include a wide range of parts and sizes, such as these small bumpers for a dunnage application.



With our in-house mold making capabilities, and 3D printer, we’re able to easily manufacture precise shapes cost-effectively — such as these dunnage parts.



Whether small runs of 100 pieces or large runs in the tens of thousands, we’re flexible enough to accommodate your on-going needs while meeting your deadline – every time.