Dog Days of Summer

The summer months tend to be a bit slower for manufacturers but at UI weโ€™re staying busy with a marked increase in requests from existing and new customers who require world-class cast urethane parts. A nice change of pace as more businesses open and move in a positive direction.

Here are some other exciting things happening at UI.

Custom urethane wheels or rollers for your robotic application

Robot applications are becoming commonplace as companies and industries use automation to save time and free employees to perform higher value tasks.

Applications include custom rollers that comprise the mecanum wheels that go on mobile robots. Many of them incorporate urethane wheels. And thatโ€™s what we do!

If you need custom urethane wheels or rollers for your robotic application, give us a call. No matter the application or vehicle type, we can manufacture what you need โ€“ as well as create highest-quality cores and hubs at our in-house machine shop.

New partnerships

Weโ€™ve been able to create new partnerships with customers representing the material handling (including autonomous/remote control equipment), distribution, defense, packaging, food processing and automotive sectors. (See our Applications page for details.)

I continue to be impressed with our manufacturing capabilities and our commitment to quality.

Urethane Innovators is a customer-focused manufacturing company. Without customers โ€“ existing and new โ€“ Urethane Innovators wouldnโ€™t really have anything to do every day . . . and we like to be busy!

Like most manufacturing companies, the summer months tend to allow more flexibility in the manufacturing schedules. If you have a product need and you’re concerned about production schedules, the summer months can be a good time to get your products made. Give us a call!

Mike Dolan

Mike Dolan is UI’s VP of Sales & Business Development.