Your one-stop shop for recovering worn industrial rollers.


Let UI replace — or resurface — your worn out industrial rollers. We can recover industrial urethane rollers 24” to 6’ in length and duromoters from 10A to 75D. We can also repair or replace your journals at our in-house machine shop.

Our capabilities include convex or concave shapes, tapered rollers and grooves such as cross-hatch, chevron or diamond.

Be sure to see our Roller Recover FAQ page for additional information.

Benefits of Recovering your Rollers

You get highest quality and precision at a fraction of the cost of new. All work is completed at our New Bern facility by master craftsmen with decades of experience. Not sure if your industrial rollers can be recovered? Our in-house engineers can answer your questions. Just give us a call.


Recover — or resurface — your conveyor and manufacturing rollers.


We test roller journals for runout and if necessary, our in-house machine shop will make repairs or replace the entire journal.

roller groove-patterns

Whether you need a special shape or grooves, we can accommodate you.

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Tech Tip: Metal Cores, Inserts and Hubs

Urethane Innovators can manufacture your cores, inserts and hubs.

concave cores for concave rollers

Prototype Roller Features Machined Convex Core

How UI solved the challenge of creating cost-effective convex aluminum cores for a customer's prototype urethane roller application.

urethane Idler rollers

Urethane Rollers

We manufacture custom rollers of all types: Drive, idler, transfer, feed, and nip.