What our customers have to say

“We worked with Urethane Innovators to select the grade of material for emergency shock absorbers used in some of our hydraulic cylinders. UI delivers cast discs that we later machine to size and install. We then load test the urethane absorbers to 1.1 million pounds; they have held up as expected. Thank you for working with us to develop this important component of our cylinders.”

—Terry Raymond, PE, Chief Engineer, Logan DGI

“Our company has been doing business with Urethane Innovators for more than 30 years. In that time, our business has grown to need a wide assortment of urethane products. The quality of the products themselves is always important, but even more so is the customer service Urethane Innovators provides. Doing business with Urethane Innovators is like having a partner instead of just another supplier. Customer service is very important to me and to our business. When I call and ask questions about products or need samples, my receiving timely responses and follow through is where it counts … the service portion of any business determines my continued relationship with that company.”

—James Taylor, Production / Material Manager, Aylward Enterprises

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Urethane Innovators on two major projects. The results were quality products, with on time delivery as was expected. What really sets them apart is their experience with the materials they use, allowing them to offer design suggestions on the most difficult challenges. Due to Urethane Innovators’ experience, we were able to save time and money on the development of new products.”

—One of our good customers with a proprietary part who does not wish to be identified by name

“We contacted Urethane Innovators to produce a retail product. They gladly accepted this challenge
and their engineers worked to make a product that we could be proud of. The product they produced
is precise and clean in its markings. Additionally, our deliveries are always right on time. They work
with us to always make sure that our product is available when we need it, and our prices have
remained competitive.”

—One of our good customers with a proprietary part who does not wish to be identified by name

“We’re a high-end, engineering-based manufacturing company. UI helps us meet our passion for exacting quality standards by listening to us and then delivering exactly what we ask for. I wish we could have this kind relationship with all our suppliers.”

—Claude Gagne, Purchasing Manager, Boa-Franc

“UI asked us a lot of questions about our parts, the additives used in the formulations, and where and how the parts were used. They were very quick to understand what we needed and then made recommendations that reduced part cost without a reduction in wear life.”

—Application Engineer, U.S.-based Engineering Company

“One of our customers was left in a jam when their existing supplier bailed on them at the last minute. The customer needed to replace a part; the current supplier said they could no longer supply it.

“To make the problem even more challenging, the part had to be made from a Mil-spec certified urethane — and the company supplying it had to be ITAR certified.

“We knew UI didn’t have the ITAR certification, but we called them anyway and put them in touch with our customer.

“UI made it work. They identified the material and then working with our customer, created a mold and produced the parts. Our customer was thrilled — which made us look like heroes.

“Since then, UI has produced other parts for this client — all shipped on time and to spec. I highly recommend UI for all your custom urethane parts needs.”

—Account Manager, Distributor for industrial sealing parts