Need a wheel or covered bearing to suit your specific application? No problem!


A small sample of the types of urethane wheels, rollers and covered bearings we can make for you.

Urethane Innovators specializes in the manufacture of urethane parts in volumes ranging from 50 pieces to 10,000.

No crush wheels of all sizes and durometer

Rollers of all types: Drive, idler, feed and industrial

Urethane covered bearings of various hardness, diameters and radius


UI master machinist checks core tolerance.

Let us save you time and money by manufacturing your cores, inserts and hubs! Our in-house machinists work with steel, aluminum and stainless steel and can meet your exacting tolerances.

Or, lower costs with dual durometer rollers or wheels. Featuring a hard durometer core with a softer outside covering, dual durometer rollers save on the cost of machining metal cores. Ideal for applications involving lighter loads. (See our Rollers page for a photo of a dual durometer wheel.)

Learn more about the types of urethane parts we create — customized for you!


Custom Urethane Molded Parts

Size, shape, color, durometer . . . we create custom urethane parts suited to your application – and in high volume, too.

Urethane Wheels

Custom urethane wheels for industrial, pharmaceutical, and food applications.


No-Crush Wheels

All types and sizes of urethane no-crush wheels manufacturered to your application.

urethane Idler rollers

Urethane Rollers

We manufacture custom rollers of all types: Drive, idler, transfer, feed, and nip.


Urethane Covered Bearings

Urethane covered bearings for industrial and manufacturing applications


Urethane Dunnage

Custom urethane dunnage for industrial and automotive applications.