We make all types: Idler Rollers, Drive Rollers, Industrial Rollers, Feed Rollers

urethane Idler rollers

Used in the glass industry, these urethane idler rollers meet exacting tolerances while also remaining lightweight and somewhat crushable.

Our expertise is finding solutions to tough application challenges — such as developing the idler rollers pictured to the left. We had to meet the customer’s exacting tolerances while ensuring the urethane rollers remained lightweight, somewhat crushable, and cost-effective.

Because we oversee all aspects of production in-house, from design and engineering, to machining and finishing — you’re assured of shorter lead times and highest quality.

Whatever type of urethane roller you need, hard durometer, dual durometer, or soft durometer, Urethane Innovators can create it.

It’s why we say “yes” when other companies say “no.”

We manufacture all types of custom urethane rollers

  • Drive and idler rollers
  • V-Groove and U-Groove rollers
  • Transfer, feed and nip rollers
  • Soft-touch rollers
  • Mini-rollers to large industrial rollers

We meet your unique application challenges

  • FDA Approvable urethane for food applications
  • Custom urethane blends for durometer, temperature, and chemical compatibility
  • Additives to enhance specific properties: friction inhibitors, wear extenders, UV absorption, and static dissipative

We can replace your worn urethane covers, too!

Restore your existing urethane roller to “like new” at a fraction of its replacement cost. Our in-house machine shop and engineering department can work with you to manufacture new covers, correct for journal runout, and precisely grind your urethane roller cover to meet your specifications.

  • In-house CNC machine shop includes welding and brazing capabilities
  • Aluminum, alloy and stainless steel precision machining to tight tolerances
  • Fast turnaround that meets deadlines

Manufacturers of custom and specialty urethane rollers


A unique dual roller with aluminum core for a material handling application. No grinding was required to achieve the cut out.


The steel cores and molds for the outer urethane covers were made in-house. The natural urethane roller on the left is 10” long. The blue roller, at 3” long, was especially challenging due to the tight tolerances.


This urethane wheel features three layers and two durometers of urethane: an aluminum core, a hard urethane inner hub (yellow), and a softer outer hub. The aluminum core, created in-house by UI, provides stability, while the inner yellow hub helps reduce weight and material costs.


A hard durometer roller featuring precisely machined grooves for a specialty application.


A UI craftsman carefully grinds a super soft urethane roller used for staining applications in the flooring industry.


UI can replace the worn covers on your rubber or urethane rollers. We work with all OEM types.