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Urethane Dunnage

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We specialize in high-volume production of custom urethane dunnage for automotive and industrial applications

Custom urethane cast dunnage for an automotive application.

Custom urethane cast dunnage for an automotive application.

Urethane dunnage is ideal for applications where superior abrasion resistance and exceptionally high impact resistance is needed.

Polyurethane’s properties make it resistant to cracking or becoming brittle – which means urethane dunnage has a longer life and is more durable than plastic.

Urethane Innovators can create dunnage from solid urethane and lightweight urethane foam in all manner of shapes, sizes, colors and durometers. See photos below.

Urethane dunnage: Ideal for multiple application challenges

Manufacturers turn to urethane for their dunnage needs because urethanes can be blended to match the performance characteristics required of the dunnage.

> Shipping

Hold and protect heavy-duty or fragile parts, and absorb vibration when transporting by ship, rail or truck with custom urethane dunnage.

Solid urethane dunnage is ideal for medium to heavy items requiring maximum load-bearing capacity, while delicate to medium items receive the best protection from lightweight yet durable urethane foam dunnage — each dunnage type significantly reduces breakage and damage.

> Logistics

Shield parts in transit from receiving to the manufacturing line with custom urethane dunnage trays.

> Factory automation

Ensure parts are precisely placed, and reduce harm to workers, by using urethane dunnage for fixtures, jigs, and kitting.

Urethane Dunnage

This custom urethane dunnage part, made of softer durometer to cushion delicate pieces made of glass or ceramic, still has excellent load-bearing characteristics.

Urethane Dunnage

These urethane dunnage bumpers feature exactly the same composition throughout each individual part. These dunnage parts were created using our urethane compression molding process.

Urethane Dunnage

Sometimes rigid is best. Not every dunnage application requires cushioning or shock absorption. These hard durometer urethane dunnage pieces are made so that a part can be held in a positive location.

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