Robot Wheels

Long-wearing urethane wheels for material handling, mobility, and conveyor applications.

A small selection of the robot wheels Urethane Innovators manufactures.

A small selection of the robot wheels Urethane Innovators manufactures.

Let Urethane Innovators produce your urethane wheels for robotic applications, including tracking wheels for mobile robots, guide wheels for automated conveyor systems, and components for wheel-in-wheel or mecanum wheel applications.

UI can supply a full range of wheel sizes and types – all manufactured to tight tolerances – as well as prototypes for new applications.

Our robot wheels are used in a variety of automated applications:

  • Material Handling: Conveyor systems (diverters, paddles, and sliding shoes), production lines, and product carousels.
  • Mobility: Double-cast wheels for medical carts, warehouse dollies, and omni-wheel/ mecanum components.
  • Manufacturing: Case sealer wheels/rollers for consumer and food packaging, parts sorting, and palletizing.

Made to your specification:

  • Custom formulations: Durometer, temperature, environmental, chemical, and FDA-approvable
  • Additives to enhance specific properties: Friction inhibitors, wear extenders, and UV absorption
  • Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and electrically conductive
  • High-volume production or blanket orders: 98.5% on-time shipping
Robot Wheels

Convex core with urethane cover

Used for robot and automated omni-wheel and mecanum wheel applications.

Robot Wheels

Guide wheels / Diverters

Also called AGV stacker wheels, and urethane covered bearings, these wheels are used for automated conveyor and material handling applications.

Robot Wheels

Concave wheel with hub

For use with robotic or mechanical assemblies; threaded holes in hub allow for easy on-off.

Robot Wheels

Grooved wheels

For use with robotic or automated assemblies requiring a pulley or belt. UI can make U- and V-groove wheels to tight tolerances.

Robot Wheels

Small wheels

This urethane wheel with holes is used for a robotic sorting application.

Robot Wheels

Heavy-Duty Support Wheels

Urethane wheels with double bearings support heavy loads on automated conveyor systems (e.g. luggage) and mobility robots.

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