Precision machining of cores, inserts, and hubs


Precision machining of cores, inserts, and hubs to meet your tight tolerance requirements.

With a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop, UI can handle all your machining needs while meeting your tight tolerance requirements.

Finishes include polished, fine and rough grind, tooled and anti-slip – giving you optimal results for your finished product.

Working in conjunction with our engineering department, our machine shop can take your CAD drawings and produce tooling in a matter of hours versus days or weeks.

In-house mold making – reduced production time, improved quality

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A small sample of the molds we have in stock.

Outsourcing the manufacture of molds can delay projects and increase costs. To eliminate both, and significantly improve quality, we create all our molds in-house.

Molds can be created from various types of metals, including aluminum and steel. We also create “soft” molds from urethane if creating a metal mold for a very large part proves cost prohibitive.

All metal molds, including hardened steel, are made in-house in our CNC machine shop to your exacting tolerances.

If you have multiple molds, we can store them for you on site.

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