Flexible, lightweight, and cost-effective, urethane offers many advantages over metal, plastics, and rubbers. Urethane can be molded to any shape or size and in any color imaginable. Depending on the application, urethane can be formulated so that the resulting part is incredibly soft (or “squishy”) or incredibly hard.

Because urethane has give, it offers excellent shock absorption. It bonds well with other materials, including metals, and depending on material hardness, can be ground or machined.

Information at a Glance



FAQs about Compression Molding

In this FAQ, we discuss the benefits of compression molding and how it we use it to solve application challenges where tolerances are very tight or the part is very small or of an odd shape.


FAQ: “We Have this Manufacturing Problem . . . Can You Help Solve It?”

How we solve this particular question we hear on a regular basis.

Urethane fiber optic cabling part

FAQ: What is “Custom Formulation”?

In this FAQ, we discuss a few of the considerations that go into formulating urethane for your application.


FAQ: Recovering Rollers

Have worn urethane or rubber rollers? Urethane Innovators can replace your roller covers to “like new” condition at the fraction of the replacement cost.


FAQ: Urethane No-Crush Wheels

“Why do zero crush wheels have holes or spaces?” and other important questions about urethane no-crush wheels.


FAQ: What is Durometer

Durometer is the international standard for measuring the hardness of rubber, plastic, and most nonmetallic materials — including urethane.

Application Notes / Case Studies

Volume Production

UI Improves Dunnage Box Mold to Reduce Damage of Vehicle Drivetrains during Transport

GM reduces production costs, component damage with reconfigured dunnage molds.

From Design Concept to Prototype to Ongoing Production

UI’s unique approach to production tooling enabled a manufacturer to reduce costs and expand its product line.

urethane wheel recovering

Manufacturer Saves Bucks by Recovering Urethane Wheels

Don’t throw your ugly rollers or wheels in the landfill. Recover them instead.


UI Helps Engineering Company Reduce Costs for Urethane Parts

Steps included testing new formulations, eliminating process steps, and improving part quality.

concave cores for concave rollers

Prototype Roller Features Machined Convex Core

How UI solved the challenge of creating cost-effective convex aluminum cores for a customer’s prototype urethane roller application.


Boa-Franc Urethane Rollers

Super soft urethane rollers provide Canadian manufacturer Boa Franc with consistent application of coatings and stains to hardwood flooring panels — while reducing production line down-time.


Urethane Check Valve Ball Meets OEM’s Specifications — Perfectly

Creating a urethane ball — with a perfectly centered internal steel ball — for a waste water treatment facility check valve.

Tech Tips

Urethane cast wheels for food application

Tech Tip: Urethane Drive Wheels vs. Idler Wheels

The difference between drive and idler wheels and how they work.


Tech Tip: Creating Proof-of-Concept Prototypes

How UI creates prototypes for commercial and industrial applications.


Tech Tip: Urethane Covered Bearings

Learn how we can customize urethane covered bearings to suit your specialty application.


Tech Tip: Dual Durometer Explained

Dual durometer urethane wheels are ideal for applications that involve lighter loads or where machining is cost-prohibitive or weight is a factor.


Tech Tip: Metal Cores, Inserts and Hubs

Urethane Innovators can manufacture your cores, inserts and hubs.


Tech Tip: How Dunnage is Used in Manufacturing

Dunnage has many uses for industries including shipping, logistics, and automation.


Tech Tip: Types and Usage of Dunnage

Manufacturers can create dunnage using injection-molded plastic, thermoforming, or urethane molding.

General Info

No crush capper disk

Urethane Basics

How urethane compares to metal, plastics, and rubber.

Working with UI

Frequently asked questions about urethane and working with Urethane Innovators.

Urethane Innovators' Shipping Department

How UI Packages and Ships Your Urethane Parts: With Great Care

We “pack it like it’s a newborn delicate premature baby.”