Lower production costs, improve part performance

Engineering / Prototyping

UI engineers rely on Autodesk Inventor® for reviewing / revising customer supplied drawings.

From reviewing 2D and 3D CAD drawings to brainstorming solutions, our engineers can assist you.

In preparation for a production run, we review drawings and recommend changes to help lower costs and/or improve part performance.

We create a first article, send it to you for testing, and then make changes to the mold based on your feedback.

How we help you

As part of our production service, we consult with you on choosing the correct material based on the application environment or how the part is being used. We also create molds in-house and as well as provide 3D printed test parts.

We pride ourselves on finding creative ways to solve your application challenges — while helping you reduce costs and speed production time.


Design Consultation

We discuss with you how to make your part easier and cost-effective to produce. If it’s easier for us, it’s better for you.

Consultation includes helping you correctly identify which of your tolerances are beneficial to your product and which ones may only serve to cost you money.

Multiple manufacturing processes

From traditional urethane cast molding to thermoforming, we can utilize one or more of our processes to turn your concept into a reality.

Fresh thinking

We have a plant full of creative craftsmen (and craftswomen) with innovative ideas. Some of our best ones come from the most unlikely sources. We consider them all when trying to create a solution for you.

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Urethane covers for steel heads

Challenges Solved

We've built a reputation for tackling tough manufacturing and industrial challenges using urethane, silicone and plastics.

From Design Concept to Prototype to Ongoing Production

UI's unique approach to production tooling enabled a manufacturer to reduce costs and expand its product line.


“We Have this Manufacturing Problem . . . Can You Help Solve It?”

How we solve this particular question we hear on a regular basis.