Short runs or high volume, we meet your deadline – every time

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Kurt Moberly, Plant Manager, inspecting the day’s production of automotive dunnage.

Over the years, we’ve perfected the art of creating custom, high-volume urethane parts while meeting our customers’ tight deadlines.

Whether you need 100 pieces on a semi-regular basis or a continuing weekly or monthly run of 1,000 pieces or more, we can meet your needs.

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UI craftsmen on the dunnage line adding inserts to the molds.

Urethane Innovators has been a Tier 1 Supplier to GM for almost a decade – producing high-volume dunnage for the transportation and manufacture of automotive parts, including windshields, engines, and transmissions.

We also produce high-volume no-crush wheels, covered bearings, and other custom parts for OEMs and their suppliers. To save you time and reduce costs, we can produce cores, inserts, and other machined items in-house.