As part of our corporate HQ expansion, and in-line with our goal of “better, faster, and more economical,” UI has invested in prototyping, modeling, and testing equipment. With this new equipment, we can provide cast urethane parts much faster and with greater accuracy.

Markforged Industrial 3D Printer

We’ve always had 3D printing capability that allowed us to create prototype versions of parts for customers to test. Now it’s even better. With our brand new Markforged industrial 3D printer, we can produce dimensionally exact part models. “Dimensionally exact” means fewer back and forth adjustments before we make the mold – and a vastly improved mold making process and lower production costs.

Instron Mechanical Testing Platform

Working with urethane, we’re often called on to test for tensile strength, compression, bend, peel, tear and other mechanical tests. With the new Instron testing platform, we can now test for these values in-house.

This new capability gives us the ability to provide accurate and timely Certificates of Conformance for customers, as well as compare urethane compounds (e.g. compare two urethanes for tensile strength) to determine which is best for a particular application. It also helps us improve products for wear, durability, and longevity.

Keyence Next Generation Optical Comparator

When challenged to produce an existing part, accurately and rapidly, UI can now rely on our new Keyence NextGen Optical Comparator – or instant measurement system.

This new piece of equipment allows us to take a part, 3D image it via laser, and then produce drawings, a 3D printer template, or 3D image that we can use to quickly and accurately produce the part.

The machine can measure 99 dimensions in seconds, a task we used to do manually, and at far greater accuracy. What it means for you is rapid turnaround from mold master build to final cast production.

We’re very excited about our new testing lab and the benefits it will provide to us and you in terms of faster part turnaround, meeting tighter tolerances, reducing production costs.