We weren’t able to take this photo on Veterans Day (Monday, Nov. 11) because one of our guys was out, so we took it today (Tuesday).

It’s with honor and gratitude we salute the nine veterans here at UI from every branch except the Coast Guard. Pictured:

Back Row
Al Martinez, USMC — 6 yrs
Mike Dunkoe, Navy — 6 mos
Doug Heckler, Army — 7 yrs
Tom Coulson, Air Force — 4 yrs

Front Row
Julio Alejandre, Army — 11 yrs
Guy Dixon, USMC — 20 yrs
Bob Liland, Navy — 19 yrs, 10 mos, 28 days
Charlie Liland, Navy — 3 yrs, 11 mos, 29 days
Matt Lentz, USMC — 5 yrs

With a selfless heart, the men and women in our military serve to keep us safe and free. Saying “thank you” cannot begin to express how grateful we are today and everyday for all veterans.