Urethane Innovators is your one-stop shop for recovering — or resurfacing — worn industrial rollers and wheels.

  • All sizes of wheels — OD and width
  • Industrial rollers used on manufacturing lines or within equipment — Up to 6′ long
  • Zero crush wheels — If yours have metal cores, we can recover them, too

See the difference recovering your rollers and wheels can make


16″ OD x 7″ wheels with steel core — “Before”

urethane wheel recovering

16.5″ OD x 4″ wheels with steel core and bearings — “Before”

urethane wheel recover-after

16″ OD x 7″ wheels with steel core — “After” The customer also chose a harder durometer urethane to withstand the abuse of the application.

Our capabilities include specialty rollers, convex or concave shapes, and grooves such as cross-hatch, chevron or diamond.


Rollers being stripped for recovering

roller groove-patterns

Roller types (concave, convex) and patterns


Two-color urethane roller recover — “After”

Benefits of recovering your rollers and wheels

Reduced landfill – You keep industrial waste out of landfills while reusing perfectly good metal cores or hubs.

Lower costs – We recover your rollers and wheels at a fraction of the cost of ordering new.

Journal repairs – We can also repair or replace your journals at our in-house machine shop.

Highest quality craftsmanship – All work is completed at our New Bern, NC facility by master craftsmen with decades of experience.

Talk To Us

Not sure if your industrial rollers can be recovered? Our in-house engineers can answer your questions. To speak to someone, call 252-637-7110 or fill out our brief form.