Shore Hardness Scales:

Durometer is the international standard for measuring the hardness of rubber, plastic, and most nonmetallic materials. Hardness, measured on a Shore A or D scale, is a material’s resistance to surface penetration. Harder materials have more wear resistance, but they’re also less flexible. An object may fall within more than one side.

Durometer is expressed numerically:

  • 10A – 50A – Very Soft Urethanes best suited for applying coatings
  • 50A – 85A – Soft Urethanes used for particle impingement applications
  • 80A – 95A – Mid-range Urethanes of medium resilience used for abrasive applications due to longevity of the material
  • 90A – 95A – Hard Urethanes that work best in impact and sliding types of abrasion applications
  • 60D – 75D – Very Hard Urethanes that work well in bearing and bushing applications