Parts by Application

Urethane Innovators makes polyurethane wheels, covered bearings, rollers, dunnage, and custom parts for a wide variety of industrial and material handling applications.

Parts by Application


From food and pharmaceutical to industrial and textiles, UI makes all types of urethane parts to exacting specifications.

  • No Crush Wheels – Product labeling, textile manufacturing
  • Urethane Wheels – FDA Approvable urethane for food or pharmaceutical applications
  • Urethane Rollers – Transfer, feed, and idler rollers
  • Robot Wheels – Stacker and guide wheels for high-load production lines
  • Dunnage – Fixtures and jigs for automated manufacturing lines
Parts by Application

Material Handling

From soft urethane wheels that flex to tough, durable wheels for high load applications.

Parts by Application

Automated Guided Vehicles / Robotics

Let UI be your #1 source for made-to-spec AGV, stacker, and guide wheels for automated and robotics applications.

  • Covered Bearings – Urethane covers protect bearings, reduce noise on conveyor lines
  • Robotics Wheels – High-volume production for mobile robots, carts, warehouse dollies
Parts by Application

Logistics / Transportation

Because it’s resistant to cracking, urethane is used in a variety of logistics, shipping, and transportation applications.

  • Urethane Dunnage – When superior abrasion resistance and high impact resistance is needed
  • Robotics – Components for omni-wheel and mecanum wheel applications
Parts by Application

Heavy Duty / Industrial

Custom urethane parts for a variety of industrial applications, including Mining, Agricultural, Transportation, Waste Water, Coatings, and more.

Parts by Application


Specializing in returnable / resuable shipping racks, corner pieces, and bulk shock absorption parts.

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